We are no different to other Bengalcatteries - at least we hope so - in our goal to breed Bengalkitten, who are very social, of typical look with soft coat and rosettes of high contrast as well as wonderful glitter.


AND of course our Bengalkitten should come as near as possible to the wild look of the ALC (Asian Lepard Cat).


The question is less which goal to go for, for that you only more or less need to copy the breed standard.


The question is much more: "HOW can I manage to achieve it?"



The art is to mate the right sire with the right queen, keep the the right kitten (it's all about selection), to compromize (there is no way without compromising) at the right spot and at all time have a plan and keep to it. 


In short, one needs to always be concious why one makes which decision.


It should help us to achieve our goal, that we are always prepared to learn from other succesful breeders and that we always strive to improve.


Wonderful Bengalcats, that are recognized as Benromacats, who make their owners smile with joy is what we want to breed.