Before you contact us!

Information about Benroma!

  • We do not accept Onlinereservations.
  • We only sell our kitten to buyers, who we personally met and after a thorough conversation OR in case of buyers from abroad, we had at least a conversation on the phone or better, via webcam AND after that feel comfortable with the possible buyer.
    We want to know where, how und whom with our kitten will live.
  • Our kittenor are by no means the cheapest - should you search for an inexpensive bengal kitten, you will for sure find one elsewhere.
  • Our cats very often are presented to the critical eyes of experienced judges at internsational cat shows. Their titles therefor represent their quality.
  • Our cats will not be given to outdoor homes.
  • All our cats (also our sire) live together with the family!


Before you buy a kitten!

Information, when you are searching for a kitten!

  • Try to visit the cattery personally - in case this is not possible get as much information you possibly can.
    (Homepage, phone call, webcall, pictures, ask for testimonials)
  • Don't be surprised in case you are interviewed in detail by the breeder. Do not either if the breeder wants to visit you at home.
    It only shows, that the breeder is highly interested in finding "the perfect home" for their kitten.
  • NEVER buy a kitten because of mercy!
    Be sure the next poor cat will be produced instantly.
  • Do not only let the cat, that is of interest to you, be presented to you, but also the other cats and the home they live in.
  • Assure yourselve that the cats as well as their home is well looked after.
  • Keep away from breeders, that vitually try to force you to buy a kitten.
  • Never buy directly at a cat show. Breeders that hand over their kitten directly out of the show-cage are at least suspicious.
    This suggests itself, that the breeder is only interested in quickly selling the kitten without knowing the least about the buyer, plus the fact that you as teh buyer know nothing about the breeder and how the cats are kept.
  • Ask the breeder to show you teh pedigrees of the parents.
  • Ask for a receipt upon purchasing a kitten.